Establishing The Brief

Whilst most start off with a wish list, our advice on important factors such as commuting, schooling and local amenities’ for example help refine the brief into something that’s achievable and workable for our clients.


After meeting and fully understanding the brief, we source property from her wide reaching network of contacts, more often than not purchasing property discreetly and off-market and in some cases making direct approaches to the owners.

Independent Advice

Having worked for large corporate agencies, we understand the importance of true independence and act in our clients best interests at all times.


Negotiating the right price and terms has to be finely balanced with securing the purchase and achieving exclusivity. Many years of experience and tenacity have helped us fulfil many of our clients briefs whilst achieving substantial savings.

Building The Team

Our clients requirements are broad ranging and often require a team to be put in place beyond exchange and completion. We work with our clients in refining their brief, introducing appropriate consultants and managing the pitching/ proposals and instruction process. This includes security, architects, project management, land agents, planning specialists, as well as shoot and fishing specialists for example.

Due Diligence

We work alongside our client’s solicitors to ensure that the practical aspects of the the purchase are covered. This includes detailed inspections and research, advice and information gathering on practical matters such as third party rights of way, boundaries, neighbours, farming, important local factors and grants/subsidies for example.

Beyond Completion

Recognising the importance of ensuring that everything goes smoothly in those first days and weeks in your new house, we provide our clients with a manual setting out all those details on how everything works and who to call if it doesn’t! Unlike some buying consultants, we do not charge extra for this, we see this as a critical part of the service.


With our experience in sales and purchasing, we also offer a consultancy service to clients who are looking to sell their properties.  Whilst not a selling agent, we can work with potential sellers to create a bespoke strategy which involves pre-sale preparation in terms of presentation and gathering detailed information on the property to help the sale run smoothly once a buyer has been found. We will also work with you on instructing the right agents on the right terms and will continue our involvement through the process where appropriate acting as an impartial and independent client representative.