Our Acquisition Service Includes: 

Establishing the brief – Whilst most of our clients start off with a wish list, our advice on important practical factors such as commuting, schooling, local amenities and property values help refine the brief into something that is achievable and agreed by all stakeholders. 

The Search – After meeting with a client we use our wide reaching network of contacts to source suitable properties to view. Often these are not publicly available and in some cases we are able to make direct approaches to the owners on your behalf. We will be in regular contact to keep you up to speed on our progress. 

Research and advice – Once a suitable property is identified we will provide you with comprehensive background information. We will also supply detailed local market analysis and comparable evidence on recent property sales in the area. We will then advise on the purchasing strategy we feel is most appropriate in any given set of circumstances. 

Negotiation – Years of experience means we are highly skilled at negotiating the best price for our clients. This is often a balance between ensuring the property is secured but on the best possible terms for our client. 

Building the team – The Complex needs of the people we work for often require a team to be put in place and to manage or improve the property beyond exchange and completion. We work with clients to produce a detailed and considered brief and can then help in the pitching, proposal review and instruction process.  

Due Diligence – We work with our client’s solicitors to ensure that key aspects of the purchase are covered. This includes arranging detailed inspections, advice and information gathering on practical matters such as third-party rights of way, boundaries, neighbours, farming and grants or subsidies. 

Beyond completion 

We continue to work with our clients to ensure they have all that they need in order to settle quickly into their new home. Our input ranges from the small things like assisting with utility switch or alarm installation to more broad ranging advice such as the introduction of sporting or renewables experts.



Residential, farms and estates property consultancy 

Working as a trusted advisor in a complex property acquisition often involves addressing multiple and diverse requirements. As a result we offer a flexible consultancy service to help new and existing clients make the most of their homes and property investments. 

Services include: 

  • Identifying and securing the UK’s finest houses and estates in an very limited marketplace  
  • Securing prime and super-prime rental properties 
  • Assisting with strategy for the sale or disposal of complex property assets  
  • Managing the acquisition of adjoining additional land or property  
  • Advising on the appointment of relevant professionals 
  • Investigating boundary or access issues 
  • Advising on sporting or equine issues and management  
  • Advice for those looking to invest in the farmland and estate asset class
  • Looking at alternative uses and estate master planning 
  • A negotiation and due diligence only service if a suitable property has already been identified